COVID Stress Monster - The Reviews Are In!

The Best Self Help Guide On Stress Control

"This quick read offers lasting results. The author gives you specific tools for managing stress rather than letting stress control you. I've already put to use her breathing and "dump and destroy" techniques. They work! Loved the fun and whimsical format. I feel like I've been thrown a lifeline. If everyone read this book, the world would be a calmer place."

Jacki C
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Anyone Can Do This!

"Awesome book! You can read it fast or slow - either way, you'll get a lot from it. It's full of tools & tips, written in a style that makes everything super easy to remember. Importantly, it's a fun read - you'll learn while you laugh. Get this book! Read it! Re-read it! Sleep with it under your pillow!"

Alison Sahoo

Simple and Effective

"What a fun, easy and effective way to deal with stress! The method Carol provides is simple yet successful, and provided in an easy to follow, understand and utilize format. If you are struggling with COVID related anxieties or stress – this book is a must read. You won’t be sorry."

William Velez Jr.
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An easy and entertaining read on an important topic!

"I've had the privilege of attending one of Carol's workshops years ago. It felt like I was right back with her when reading this book. It's a joy to read and full of useful information and 'tips' to reduce stress... during the pandemic and beyond. I highly recommend it!"

Barbar Usack
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An Amazing Read In Those Crazy Times!

"What a great read I must say. And most importantly, very practical read. I was able to apply the nuggets of wisdom as I read along and her technique on reducing stress in just 60 seconds is so helpful. One thing I understood from reading this book is that it's not one time read, you have to keep re-visiting the pages, exercises to get the best out of it. Overall, I absolutely love this book. I think everyone should have this book handy in today's world."

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Love This Book!!

"Carol Rickard does it again! I absolutely loved this book! I thought the use of the pictures and graphics were very impactful. The book read more like a journal for me and that was terrific because I enjoyed the interaction. The "Tools" section at the end of the book was the best concept...especially the "dump and destroy" idea. So many useful ideas for all different people who deal with stress, especially in this Covid-filled world. This is an easy read that you will not put down...until it is finished!"

Tina Leary
Avid Reader

Practical, simple tools to deal with stress during this challenging times of Covid.

"Carol Rickard has created a step by step guide for dealing with stress during these unprecedented times of Covid. This book helps understand how anxiety affects us and provides exercises to reduce anxiety. Carol provides easy-to-follow stress relieving tools that can be used on a regular basis. I have already tried the tools in the book and will keep it nearby for future refence. Carol has once again provided an excellent resource for dealing with stress and anxiety."

Carol Chamberlain
Health Director

How To Tame Your Covid Stress Monster!

"HOW TO TAME YOUR COVID STRESS MONSTER! is an easy read with clear methods to assist individuals in retaking control of their lives when stress feels out of control. One of the great features of this book is that it does not lecture. Carol Rickard gives step by step guidelines to identify stress, its impact on a person's physical and emotional well-being as well as their behavior, and to DO something about the stress in the moment it is happening. Having attended workshops Ms. Rickard has given, I could easily hear her voice giving instruction. There is a playful quality that engages the reader to follow along with the exercises. I recommend this book, and others Ms. Rickard wrote, to my clients"

Susan Davis-Marsters, MA, NCC, CACDC, CSW, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

How To Tame Your Covid Stress Monster!

"If anyone is having emotional challenges during this pandemic, this is the book for you! I've always marveled at how Carol uses clever approaches such as word pictures, "tool boxes" and personal examples to make one feel like they are not alone in their reactions to situations, and can equip themselves to handle them successfully. She has "walked the walk" and has helped so many people by empowering them to be strong! Thank you Carol for another great book!"

Barbara Sprechman
Assistant Executive Director

Uplifting and Inspiring!

"A wonderful read, especially during this most challenging of times. Carol gives a great message of HOPE. It is an eye-catching and engaging book with interesting fonts, illustrations and exercises to do. Carol is so open about her own personal challenges and how she chose to overcome and live fully and wholeheartedly, not just survive. I am buying several copies for all my patients, friends and family to read. Carol's energy is infectious to help everyone get the tools they need to live a more peaceful existence. I highly recommend this book! Dr. Laura DeMarzo, Licensed Psychologist, Director, Center for Psychological Services of Somerset County"

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Great read!

"Wow! I have NEVER read a book so quickly!!! I just couldn't stop, but plan to read again to make sure I took it the information. I will share some of my current thoughts and send more as they come to me. First off, thank you! This was a great book! I have never read one like it, it was tough at first but I quickly became used to it. I am a see/hear/do thinker but I believe the images, changing words, and repetitive nature hit those needs. I liked how you repeated things over and over so the reader literally couldn't forget as they turned the page. Almost all of the things you said not to do, I've been doing. AND I am someone who believes in those things and teachers others the same! Wow! I must be doing more talking versus working myself. I also liked the fact that you could insert answers to everything to keep track as you go. Very helpful tool! I liked the added ideas like the calm bottle. Found myself googling them and getting lost in ideas to try with my son. Some of the lessons you mentioned I also teach my son (example is belly breathing, square breathing, yoga). I may read him bits of this book to show that even adults do it and still learn it. Anyways, great book! I want to recommend it to my family, NAMI members, etc. Well done! "

Amazon Customer
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A unique, interesting and helpful read!

"Carol Rickard's new book "How to Tame Your Covid Stress Monster" offers an effective method that addresses the do's and don'ts of managing stress. Learn what the right tools are, how to implement these tools and why they are important to your overall health. This brief two minute approach is easy and nets quick results. Carol intertwines her own personal experiences with solutions that helped her manage her stress and has written a book that can help others experiencing stress in today's world.

Working in a hospital this past year has been very challenging and stressful! Implementing some of the tools in this book has helped tame my stress monster! I highly recommend this book . "

Sheila Riley-Massa

Entertaining and Informative!

"Each page was a visual surprise, and I enjoyed reading every inspiring word. This is power-packed for the size of the book and has helped me to lighten my stress load during "COVID" and beyond. I highly recommend it!"

Baarbara Usack