How to Avoid Being Caught In a ‘Tsunami’ of Stress

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the serious stress managingI had to do when I lost my USB drive.

Sometimes, when dealing with a stressful event, we can mange the immediate impact pretty well. However, that doesn’t mean our stress management work is done!

A good example is my lost USB drive…..

Over the past couple weeks I have noticed myself struggling at times with my focus, energy, & motivation. For me, these happen to be a couple of my stress responses. I found myself needing to “manage” my way though them.

So, I wanted to call attention this week to what I discovered over 20 years ago. I call it  “Stress Tsunami“.

Think of stress as being like an earthquake that happens in our lives & can ‘shake things up’.

Sometimes when an earthquake hits near a body of water, it can cause a tidal wave, or a tsunami. This does’t happen right away, it is actually a delayed response.

The same thing can happen to us when we are dealing with stress. Stress hits us & then, sometimes, we can still be hit several days (or weeks) later with a tidal wave or  “tsunami”  of more stress responses. Just as we’re limited in preventing an earthquake tsunami from happening, we can be limited in preventing a “Stress Tsunami” from happening.

The best way to manage & get through a “Stress Tsunami” is by taking the following actions:

  1. Recognize it – become very aware of your stress responses.
  2. Accept it – avoid making it worse with a negative attitude.
  3. Manage it – Use your LifeTools to minimize it’s impact on you & your health.


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