A Powerful Way To Eliminate Stress

A Powerful Way To Eliminate Stress

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re driving to an appointment when suddenly you find yourself behind someone who is driving 10-15 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit.

Well, this happened to me just a few days ago when I was on my way to do a training.

It was a miserable day…rainy and cold.

The only good news was it didn’t snow!

The car that was going really slow was actually a couple cars ahead of me. I don’t know how long the other cars had been following along.

However, I could tell their stress levels were high because they kept honking at the slower driver.

It wasn’t too long before I noticed my own stress levels starting to climb!

I suddenly had a thought…

‘What if the person who was driving so slow had been in an accident involving rain and they were just being cautious?’

Instantly, my stress was gone!

I remember thinking – ‘This is a great tool!’ What a powerful way to eliminate stress in any given situation.’

Change how you see it.

So, here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: You must notice when your stress level is starting to rise.

Step 2: Whatever the situation is – change how you see it. Try looking at it from a different angle – a more understanding viewpoint.

The inner secret I am revealing is this…

It isn’t the situation that most often stresses us out – it’s what we tell ourselves about the situation that CREATES the stress response!

Here are a couple of examples –

Instead of looking at the time and saying to yourself “I’m late”, look at the time, change how you see it and say to yourself: “I am right on time!” or one I use all the time: “I have all the time I need!”

A coworker or family member is being rude to you – change how you see it to ‘maybe they’re just having a a really bad day – don’t take it personally.’

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment box!

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